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Are you looking for an insurance broker that puts the best interests of your business first? One with direct communication channels who puts your financial interests before theirs and also coordinates all policies to their best advantage? Then look no further!

We are proud of our young organization, which is full of ambition. We warmly welcome you to get acquainted with our company.

Why SL marine’s services?

We will provide you with customized solutions for the most complex insurance issues in marine and non-marine sectors. Originally, we specialized in the maritime insurance sector, but we are now also completely in the know about other sectors such as goods transport and general business insurance. By engaging SL marine, you can be sure you are dealing with a full-service broker who is knowledgeable and will look after your business affairs in a personal, no-nonsense manner.

Feel free to contact us using the contact page below. We are happy to hear from you using any contact method, although we prefer personal contact.

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