Lars dijkstra

Lars Dijkstra



Ahead of the fleet...

Although we are a young company, we are very ambitious. Furthermore, our team consists of insurance experts who have many years of experience. You will receive customized, clear and transparent solutions, in accordance with our no-nonsense approach at competitive rates!

Sail a straight course...

That is how we like to sail, and that is how we like to do business; without detours and in an honest fashion. We are a full service insurance office that values personal contact and high-quality customer service. Policies and damages are in good hands with this sleep-easy broker; whatever happens, we are never afraid to set the course and offer solutions.

Do we speak your language?

Professional, personal, knowledgeable, honest, young, ambitious, and innovative. Those are all words that describe SL marine. If we speak the same language and if you prefer doing business this way, we are a perfect fit. In addition to this language, we also speak the language of seafaring and offshore business, and we use a large, international network. Let's talk business.