Which insurance best suits your vessel or shipping route? SL marine will always provide you with reliable and suitable advice.


Operating a sea-vessel involves a wide range of factors nowadays. A shipping company or shipmaster-owner is expected to specialize in everything, and just keeping this knowledge and these skills up to date is a job in itself. Taking out a balanced insurance package is a specialized field all on its own. Luckily, you can count on the extensive experience, skills, and commitment of SL marine. We insure your vessel or fleet with first-rate insurers at a very competitive premium. With added reassurance that your insurance is set up properly so you can maintain your focus on your core business.

Always up to date

Most policy conditions are geared towards the market in such a way that there are few differences anymore. Still, we are always looking for new ways to cover the risks and we keep up to date on all the developments in our sector. We are proud to be an affiliate member of ‘SAMI’ (Security Association for the Maritime Industry) and we attentively follow the developments in the world of piracy. Additionally, we are a member of the 'Association of Average Adjusters', a branch organization that has earned its stripes since 1869 in settling complex damages or general average claims. 

24x7 - 365

Our services do not stop once you have your insurance policy. It is only the start. We know that the maritime sector works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every single hour is important, which is why you can always reach us. Our website offers many ways to contact us and you can always call us by phone, day and night, to immediately tackle problems.

Some examples from the range of our maritime insurance products are listed below:

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Hull & Machinery

During every trip, your vessel is exposed to the dangers at sea. Think of engine failure, ice damage or a collision with a fixed or drifting object. Good hull insurance ensures that these damages are covered adequately.

Acts of War

Threat of war, strikes, and revolutions; unfortunately, these do take place in some parts of the world. This insurance ensures that you are covered for damages resulting from detentions, strikes, and armaments.

Disbursements & Increased Value

This insurance covers certain items on board that are only lost during a total loss. Think of fuel bunkers, provisions and similar goods. Moreover, you can moderate the consequences of a difference between the market value and the insured value of the vessel. 

Loss of Time

After significant damages, your vessel needs repairs, and these take time. That time is valuable, since your vessel will not be generating any income, whilst overhead costs continue. Luckily, there is a loss of hire insurance that will cover these costs in whole or in part.

Protection & Indemnity

As a transporter, you are bound to a range of contracts and as a vessel owner, you are responsible for the vessel and its cargo. You can rest assured that from the moment the transport contracts are drawn up until the moment actual cargo damage occurs, you will receive legal support from expert professionals. The services of a good reputable P&I insurer does not end when the policy has been taken out but includes 24/7 support. In the event of cargo loss, creation of a new charter party, port detention, or more extreme emergencies such as oil spills or wreck removal.

Marine Kidnap & Ransom

Piracy remains an activity which poses a serious threat to the worldwide fleet in many locations across the world. That is why it is good to know that with this insurance, your crew, vessel, and its cargo can be insured against hijacking, theft, or kidnapping when you sail through a High Risk Area.


Accidents happen all the time. This is certainly the case in daily life and work on board a vessel. If a crew member has an accident, good crew insurance prevents financial surprises. Think of covering the cost of: rehabilitation, (temporary) disability, repatriating, or even death or a funeral.

Construction & Guarantee

This insurance covers a vessel and materials used during the entire construction, launch, and any claims during the guarantee period. For example, if part of the vessel falls from the hoist, if the vessel bumps the dock during the launch, or a technical defect after delivery.

Luxury yachts

Do you want to be able to enjoy your pride and joy without a care in the world? You can! We consider all your wishes when setting up the policy, so that you can hit the open seas without any worries. When accidental damage occurs, we are here for you, without ifs or buts. We know exactly what the risks are and which insurance you need. We grew up on and around water, and have a great affinity for all water sports activities. Your luxury yacht is in good insurance hands with us!